March 24, 2020

Individual/Family Therapy

Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.

– James Baldwin


Attuned empathic presence to support your growth towards healing and wholeness. Therapy can open up your world and change your life.

In therapy you can learn how to deal with current issues without the baggage of the past to hold you back. You will learn new skills to help you manage your life with grace and integrity.


Families come in all shapes and sizes – couples, single parents with children, extended family and chosen members. Whatever the configuration, challenges and issues arise. This is normal. Sometimes these issues become greater than your families’ ability to resolve alone.

Family therapy can be helpful to clarify competing needs and motivations and to learn new ways of communicating and resolving differences. With new skills and understanding, a new path can be charted. Not just for today but for the future as well.

Teenagers are just beginning the journey of self discovery and the times are more challenging than ever. The advent of social media, high expectations, climate change…growing up in the world today places great demands on young people.

If your son or daughter is expressing symptoms of greater stress – anxiety, depression, cutting, isolation – they are in need of support and help. In therapy, teens can learn to understand themselves better, develop a better skill set for coping with adversity and reclaim a sense of hope and optimism about the future.