May 1, 2020

Expanded State Integration

…when we are given the gift of awareness and perceive what we can do to lessen our suffering and become more actualized humans, then it is up to us to take the steps – to truly walk our talk. We do not have much control over what happens during a state of expanded consciousness, or most of our life for that matter, but we do have control over how we relate to the experiences we have.

– Francoise Bourzat

The journey is only the beginning. Without embodied integration practices, the insight and directions revealed during expanded states of consciousness will fade.

Sometimes what is revealed is a previously suppressed trauma, a new understanding of personal relationships, and/or your own history or place in the world. Let us together explore these areas and allow healing to continue.

Incorporating new practices in your life that support and ground the knowledge and insights gained during your journey have the potential to change your life.