May 1, 2020


Brainspotting is a treatment for trauma that accesses a much deeper part of the brain. It is based on the understanding that where we look affects how we feel. It can be used as a form of diagnosis as well as treatment.

By utilizing the emotional part of our brain combined with recognizing physical sensation in the body, we can access the place where trauma is stored. This allows resolution that either talk therapy or somatic therapy alone have difficulty touching.

This process is facilitated by the use of a pointer or by gazing at a spot in the room. Bilateral sound is also used to enhance the experience.

Through this method, traumatic memories can be identified, processed and released. The symptoms of trauma – pain, dissociation, reexperiencing can be reduced or eliminated.

You don’t have to know what to do during a Brainspotting session as you will be guided step by step. The result is deep, direct and powerful. You will feel focussed and contained during the process.