May 1, 2020

Autism/Special Needs

You may be living with ongoing stress and pain due to the behavioral or emotional issues of your child with autism or other special needs. You may be married to a person whose quirks are becoming more difficult to understand and live with. Perhaps your more typical kids struggle with ambivalent feelings about a sibling with special needs and you’ve run out of excuses. You may feel angrier than you ever have. More tired than you thought possible. Sad. Worried. Confused. Overwhelmed. Does this sound familiar?

Living in an intimate relationship with someone who has special needs either as a parent, spouse or sibling is challenging. You may be thinking there is something wrong with your kid, your spouse or yourself because the advice you’ve been given by well meaning family members and friends just doesn’t work out. You are left worn out and defeated.

Know there is help and support waiting for you.

Whatever your situation, don’t manage this alone. It’s okay to ask for help and support.