Adolescents & Teens

Adolescent & Teen Therapy

Is your child sad, withdrawn or isolating? Perhaps they are experiencing sleep problems, worries or fears? You have tried to talk with your son or daughter but find them to be frequently irritable, defiant and argumentative. Perhaps you are concerned about self harming behaviors like cutting or even the threat of suicide. Your child is having problems at home, in school or with peers. You’ve tried to help but things are not getting better.

If this describes your adolescent, don’t wait. Get them the help they need in order to get back on track with their life. Therapy can help your son or daughter to deal with the loss of a loved one or difficult transitions such as divorce or a change in living or school environment. Therapy can give your adolescent or teen the opportunity to learn new skills to cope with the normal challenges we all face.

In addition, therapy can give you new skills to deal with oppositional and defiant behaviors, meltdowns and tantrums, and help you develop a stronger more peaceful relationship with your child.


Benefits of Adolescent & Teen Therapy:

  • Emotional development for your daughter or son.
  • Ability to deal with anger and emotional distress more appropriately.
  • A safe place to understand and talk about feelings and challenges of life.
  • Develop better problem solving skills.