Siblings Therapy

Being the “Typical” Child is Tough

Siblings of children with special needs face special challenges. While parents do their best to meet the needs of all their children, “typical” children often feel embarrassed and resentful of their “atypical” brother or sister.

Many adolescents and teens become overly compliant or, conversely, non-compliant in an effort to get attention or avoid making undue demands on overly burdened parents. Some secretly worry they could “catch” their sib’s disability or wish they had some problem that would get them more attention. Feelings of guilt, anger, sadness and fear are common.

There are so many emotions and often no place to express them. If your “typical” adolescent and teen feels isolated, angry, depressed and/or alone, know that help is available.

I offer a safe place for siblings of all ages to explore the impacts of having a brother or sister with special needs. There are many long term benefits to having a sibling with special needs but often the journey is marked by emotional obstacles. Allow me to help your child remove those obstacles from his or her path.


Benefits of Siblings Therapy:

  • Reduction in anxiety and depression.
  • A safe place to explore the unusual concerns and opportunities of being a sibling to a special needs brother or sister.
  • Support for adult siblings caring for their adult special needs brother or sister.
  • Strategies for coping with stress.