Individual & Couples Therapy

Relationships Can Be Challenging

Keeping your relationship alive in the midst of raising a special needs child is tough. Decisions that need to be made are more complicated, child rearing skills needed are more advanced and sustaining your relationship often takes a back seat to the needs of your child. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Marriages may be tested but they can also grow stronger. Closeness lost can be found again. Happy times can be more joyful. Don’t allow your relationship to falter in the midst of all the other challenges you face.

Living in an intimate relationship with someone who has special needs may be the most challenging of all. Whether the disability is an autism spectrum disorder, physical disability or mental health issue, the challenges of daily life can be exponentially more confusing and painful to resolve.

When do quirks and compulsions become impossible to live with? What to do when you look across the dinner table and wonder who it is you married? How do you manage the crushing loneliness you feel?

Know there is help and support waiting for you. Don’t manage this alone.


Benefits of Individual / Couples Therapy:

  • A sense of unity and connection with your partner and yourself.
  • A place and way to discuss difficult topics.
  • Strategies for coping with stress.
  • Time alone to focus on yourself or your couple relationship.