As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.
- Rumi

Please note: I work remotely from a secure HIPPA compliant video platform or via phone.


What are you seeking?  Relief, meaning, connection?  If you are reading this, you are on the path of self change.

What are the obstacles on your path?  Perhaps it is overwhelming emotions such as anxiety, depression or despair.  Maybe past wounding from a difficult childhood or traumatic experience hold you back.  These feelings are signals to you that change is needed and can point the way to growth and healing.

Together we can reclaim your sense of well-being and purpose.  A better understanding and relationship with your own thoughts, emotions and behaviors leads to a compassionate acceptance of who you are and the circumstances of your life.  Obstacles to change can be reduced and disappear.

Acceptance of what is makes space for peace and contentment and a new way.

It is okay to get the help and support you need.  Please don’t wait.  Call today.