My name is Karen Curry and as a licensed Marriage Family Therapist, I have been helping people to find their way through the complicated maze of living with a person who has special needs for over 20 years.

Sometimes it feels like no one gets it. No one believes you. You wonder if those feelings of confusion and worry will ever go away. You may be thinking there is something wrong with your child, or your spouse, or yourself — because the advice you’re given just doesn’t work.

You wake up at 3 am worried you haven’t thought of something or done something more. You may feel angrier than you ever have. More tired than you thought possible.

Living as a family can be challenging. Living with a family member who has special needs is hard. Being the parent or sibling or partner of such a person is harder still.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are answers. There are solutions. There is hope.

Sometimes the challenges are more immediate such as adjusting to new circumstances, like a divorce or a new sibling. Sometimes the challenges are lifelong such as parenting a child with special needs or being married to someone with special needs.

I want to hear your story and support you in your journey.


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My passion is helping families with special needs issues. I know how hard it is.  With support and tools, confidence grows and life gets better.

Karen Curry, LMFT

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